Photo Archives

Fondo Artini
Tuscan art and architecture (photographs taken 1973-2000)
Luigi Artini (born 1941), photographer

Fondo Bassi
Tuscan sculpture (photographs taken before 1992)
Arturo Bassi (1907-2005), painter, sculptor and restorer

Fondo Bazzechi
Florentine architecture and sculpture (photographs taken around 1950-1970)
Ivo Bazzechi (1919-1975), photographer

Fondo De Giovanni
Frescoes in San Francesco, Assisi (photographs taken around 1960-1975)
Andrea De Giovanni (1912-1987), photographer

Fondo Laurati
Medieval Tuscan sculpture (photographs taken around 1970-1990)
Giorgio Laurati (1919-1987), photographer

Fondo Lotz-Bauer
Florentine architecture and sculpture (photographs taken 1939-1943)
Hilde Lotz-Bauer (1907-1999), art historian and photographer

Fondo Parronchi
Medieval wood sculpture, Donatello, Pelagio Palagi, 20th century painting (photographs taken around 1950-1960 and 1990-2000)
Alessandro Parronchi (1914-2007), art historian

Fondo Sansoni
Tuscan miniatures from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (photographs taken around 1953 and 1956)
Guido Sansoni (1928-1988), photographer