Sculptures from the Boboli Gardens

Putto with Dolphin

Carved from white marble, the crouching figure of the small putto clutches a dolphin in his left hand. In his raised right hand he holds a small jar from which water gushed downwards from its funnel-like mouth. It comes from the so-called Fontana delle Scimmie in the garden of the Palazzina del Cavaliere in the upper part of the Boboli Gardens. The fountain derives its name from the bronze monkeys sitting on the rim of its lower basin. Like the Fontana di Ganimede, it consists of several disparate pieces that were presumably not assembled to form a fountain here in this spot until c.1830. While the monkeys can be convincingly attributed to the Vincentine sculptor Camillo Mariani, authorship of the putto is disputed. The attribution proposed by Bertha Harris Wiles already in 1933 to the Tuscan artist Pierino da Vinci, a nephew of Leonardo da Vinci, has yet to be confirmed by any documentary evidence. Heavily eroded by exposure to the elements and especially by water, the statue was restored between 1984 and 1988 and is now situated in the Stanzonaccio; the original has been replaced by a copy in the fountain itself.

Frontal view

Oblique view from the right

Oblique rear view from the left

Rear view

Oblique rear view from the right

Oblique view from the left

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