Palazzo Grifoni Budini Gattai


Only the small chapel was spared from the drastic remodelling of the piano nobile in the late nineteenth century. Situated behind the Salone Rosso, it covers an area of only some three square metres and was presumably created during the enlargement of the palazzo under Pietro Gaetano Grifoni (1710-1772), the patron not only of the completion of its façade overlooking the Piazza Santissima Annunziata, but also of a modernization of its interior. Giovanni Domenico Ferretti (1692-1768), a leading exponent of Florentine baroque painting, was commissioned to decorate the chapel. The representation of the Princes of the Apostles Peter and Paul in the altar niche was also a way of celebrating the patron and his family. For Peter was his name saint, while Paul was titular saint of the commendamchurch of San Pietro in Ripa d’in Arno, the benefice from which the Grifoni rose to economic successwhile Paul was the titular saint of the commendam San Paul in Ripa d’Arno, from whence the Grifoni rose to economic success. When exactly Ferretti painted the frescoes in the chapel is unknown. Perhaps they can be dated to the early 1740s, when the painter was working on the frescoes in the nearby convent of SS. Annunziata.

View of the chapel

Altar fresco with the Apostles Peter and Paul

Ceiling fresco with Descent of the Holy Spirit

Detail of the north wall

Detail of fresco over the door

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