ZANG TUMB TUUM… 100 works of Futurism


“8 anime in una bomba” (1919) by Marinetti is not the only “explosive novel” of Futurism. The movement had its roots in literature and therefore a literary work is regarded as the first work of Futurism: The foundation manifesto, written in 1909. It was presumably drafted by Marinetti on his own and already named the most significant aspects of futurist aesthetics: The rejection of everything from the past; the pursuit of the unification of art and life; the demand for originality and novelty and the celebration of industrial progress. Marinetti’s call for literature and language appropriate to the modern age was implemented by the futurists in manifestos, novels and poems. The visual aspect of writing was to become increasingly important, the “Parole in Libertà” (the “liberated words”) were produced and removed the boundary between literature and the visual arts. In the “Manifesto tecnico della letteratura futurista” (1912), Marinetti called for the abolition of syntax and punctuation, among other things. This would both simplify and clean up the language. Traditional characters, such as the full stop and the comma, are distracting; in contrast, mathematical characters have a positive effect on the vibrancy of the language. The two-tone cover picture of “8 anime in una bomba” is an example of this paroliberismo. The typography and drawings are combined and illustrate the explosion of a grenade where the words follow the arches of the fragments onomatopoetically.

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