Hilde Lotz-Bauer


Niccolò Pericoli, known as Tribolo, sculptor and architect (1500-1550), was commissioned by Cosimo de' Medici in 1538 to add sculpture to the gardens of the Villa Castello (completed after 1545). According to Vasari’s report, only a small part of the planned scheme submitted, of which the two fountains remain, was actually carried out due to Tribolo’s other work. The Hercules fountain still stands on the main axis of the garden behind the castle today and bears the bronze group subsequently reworked by Bartolomeo Ammannati depicting Hercules with Anteus. According to Kriegbaum, this group nevertheless must be linked to the group planned by Tribolo. The smaller fountain in these gardens, the Fontana di Fiorentia, can be found in the Villa della Petraia today. Within these gardens, the Grotta degli animali suggests an imitation of a grotto in the Florentine tradition. The animal figures over the fountain basin are elements of a water feature. Kriegbaum tried to attribute each individual element in the gardens to Tribolo, Pierino da Vinci or Giambologna. The photographs by Hilde Lotz-Bauer reflect the work of the art historian.

Hercules fountain

Putto on the basin

Fiorentia fountain

Grotta degli animali

View from the grotto

Fountain of the animals inside the grotto

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