Hilde Lotz-Bauer

City Gates

The Porta San Frediano, originally also called the Porta Pisana because it led towards the west in the direction of Pisa, was built around 1330 by Andrea Pisano. The Porta San Miniato, which leads from the modern-day Piazza Poggi in the direction of the San Miniato church, originates from the 14th century. Both sides of the gate are attached to part of the old wall, which leads in the direction of the Forte del Belvedere along the Via del Belvedere. In contrast to the other gate arches, this one is not embedded in a tower. You reach the Porta San Giorgio, which has been reduced to half of its original height, along a small high road near the Ponte Vecchio, the Costa San Giorgio. The stone relief, dated at around 1280, portrays Saint George killing the dragon. Travellers heading south passed the Porta Romana, the largest and best-preserved city gate, which was built in 1326. The only city gate to the east, which still retains its original height, is the Porta San Niccolò.

Outside of Porta San Miniato

The city walls in Via di Belvedere

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