Casa Zuccari

History of the Building

The Casa Zuccari is the building on the corner of the Via Capponi (formerly the Via dell’Orto dei Servi) and the Via Giusti (formerly the Via del Mandorlo). You can see the Zuccari coat of arms below the Medici coat of arms and above the large corner pillar. The late Renaissance architectural style is also visible in the windows, which are framed with sandstone. The garden side of the artist’s house is characterised by an arcade loggia and two rows of windows. The painter and art theorist Federico Zuccari (1540/1-1609) bought the building in 1577 from the heirs of the painter Andrea del Sarto (1486-1531), who had owned the building since 1520. As the successor of Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), Zuccari was commissioned to decorate the dome of the Cathedral of Florence. He decorated the hall on the ground floor of
his home in 1579 with a fresco cycle. After completing the work on the cathedral dome, the artist returned to Rome in 1580 but retained the Casa Zuccari as his Florentine home. In 1588, he rented the house to the artist Giovan Battista Paggi, who then bought it in 1602. During the 17th century, the Casa Zuccari remained an artist’s house. After having various owners through the years, the house was purchased in 1987 by the Deutsche Bank for the Friends of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence. After completion of the restoration of the building and its fresco cycles, it now houses numerous workrooms of the Kunsthistorisches Institut and provides space for academic events and alternating art exhibitions.

Facade (Photographer Sigismondi)

Coat of arms (Photographer Sigismondi)

Entrance (Photographer Sigismondi)

Loggia to the garden (Photographer Sigismondi)

Entrance hall (Photographer Sigismondi)

View from the garden (Photographer Sigismondi)

Staircase (Photographer Sigismondi)

Staircase (Photographer Sigismondi)

Lights of the staircase (Photographer Sigismondi)

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