Casa Zuccari


The ceiling is devoted to the subject of time, the eternal cycle of birth and decay. The centrepiece is a portrayal of Chronos accompanied by two putti, who are holding medallions with the allegories of the past and the future. At the bottom of the picture, two more putti, representing the sun and the moon, point to an open book, above which there is an hourglass. We can see the year 1579 on the open page, which allows us to date the cycle. On the long sides, the allegory of time is accompanied by the seasons and the corresponding signs of the zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. The portrayal of the times of day can be seen in the cartouches in the corners.

General view (Photographer Lensini)

Chronos (Photographer unknow)

Spring (Photographer Bacherini)

Summer (Photographer Bacherini)

Autumn (Photographer Bacherini)

Winter (Photographer Bacherini)

Corner cartouche (Photographer Bacherini)

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