Casa Zuccari


When entering the ballroom, visitors find themselves opposite a coat of arms flanked by two reclined figures; the coat of arms repeats the emblem containing the Zuccari hat that was already visible on the facade. The lunette below these figures is filled with a landscape, like the one visible below the mock arch on the west wall. On the street side, two lunette fields flank the window with the fresco of a sleeping Silenus being teased by satyrs and the portrayal of Bacchus with fawns. Above the door in the intrados, the family cost of arms of Federico Zuccari and his wife, Francesca Genga, can be seen opposite the Zuccari hat, flanked here by two reclined figures again. The left side of the lunette displays a kitchen scene, in which two servants prepare a meal at a hearth. On the right side of the lunette, the artist painted himself sitting with his wife at dinner. In an archway to the left of the table, three people, presumably students, can be seen sitting, practising drawing, and beyond them is the still unfinished workshop. In contrast to the ceiling paintings, the lunette decoration stands out because of its great vibrancy and the impressive self-portrait of the host.

The emblem of Zuccari (Photographer Rabatti & Domingie)

The emblem of Zuccari (Photographer Rabatti & Domingie)

Self-portrait of Zuccari (Photographer Bacherini)

kitchen scene (Photographer Bacherini)

domestic scene (Photographer Bacherini)

Silenus and Bacchus (Photographer Rabatti & Domingie)

Bacchus and satyrs (Photographer Bacherini)

Mock architecture (Photographer Rabatti & Domingie)

Lunette decoration (Photographer Rabatti & Domingie)

Hunting scene (Photographer Bacherini)


Hunting scene (Photographer Bacherini)

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