Casa Zuccari


The arches are decorated not only with pairs of putti, but also with episodes from the life of the ancient Greek fable-teller Aesop. The scene in the mock architecture on the west wall has not been identified to date. The other scenes portray the unpopular, hunchbacked and mute story-teller as a slave, who nevertheless gained recognition for his shrewdness. In the episode on the window side, Aesop is renounced by the other slaves for having eaten figs during the harvest, although this was forbidden. He vomits to prove his innocence. His accusers have to follow suit and thus are caught in the act. In the next scene, the philosopher Xanthus tries to punish his kitchen slave, Aesop, for a previous incident by ordering him to prepare four knuckles of pork and taking one out of the frying pan without Aesop noticing. Aesop notices the trap, chops the leg off a pig, and ends up cooking five knuckles of pork because Xanthus has meanwhile repentantly put back the one he took. When Xanthus asks at the table for an explanation of where the fifth knuckle came from, Aesop points out the correct calculation, according to which there were five in the frying pan and in the courtyard there is a pig with only three legs. In the third scene, a group of slaves are following their new owner. While everyone else chooses the lighter containers, Aesop picks a heavy basket of bread, which is always lighter after the meals though. The other slaves recognise the wisdom of the ugly, ostracised slave. The Aesop scenes presumably arose in connection with the public rejection of Zuccari’s frescoes in the dome of the Cathedral of Florence.

Unidentified scene from Aesop (Photographer Rabatti & Domingie)

Aesop and the forbidden figs (Photographer Bacherini)

Aesop and Xantus (Photographer Bacherini)

Aesop picks a basket of bread (Photographer Bacherini)

Putti holding a medallion (Photographer Bacherini)

Putti holding a medallion (Photographer Bacherini)

Putti holding a medallion (Photographer Bacherini)


Putti holding a medallion (Photographer Bacherini)

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