Casa Zuccari

Piano Nobile

The paintings on the first floor are presumed to have been completed by an artist from the circle that surrounded the Florentine painter Bernardino Poccetti around 1600. Uncertainty surrounds the question of whether or not Giovan Battista Paggi already owned the house at that time and was thus commissioner of the frescoes. In the middle of the ceiling, we can see the Parnassus, Apollo is sitting in an elevated position on it, surrounded by muses who are singing and playing music. In the background, the winged horse Pegasus is taking to the skies. Pegasus, who was born of Medusa’s blood when she was beheaded and who carried Perseus to his adventures, is linked to the Parnassus in the Ovid tradition because the spring of Mount Helicon, home of the muses and Apollo, burst forth from his hooves. In the middle of the long sides, four oval medallions show the stories of Perseus. His emergence is commemorated with the Danae episode in which Jupiter impregnates her by means of golden rain. Perseus’ heroic deeds, the beheading of Medusa and the liberation of Andromeda are also portrayed. The fourth episode is the stoning of Atlas to punish him for previously refused hospitality. The corners contain the allegories of the four elements – an emblem is assigned to each one: Jupiter/fire with a salamander, Cybele/earth with a mountain, Juno/air with birds and Neptune/water with a dolphin. The ceiling fresco is dedicated to the subject of cosmic harmony, whereby music receives special meaning in an environment formed by humanism. This choice of subject makes it probably that the room was used for both contemplation and musical performances.

View of the sala (Photographer Bacherini)

Parnassus (Photographer Bacherini)

The story of Danae (Photographer Bacherini)

The decapitation of Medusa (Photographer Bacherini)

The liberation of Andromeda (Photographer Bacherini)

The stoning of Atlas (Photographer Bacherini)

Jupiter (Photographer Bacherini)

Cybele (Photographer Bacherini)

Juno (Photographer Bacherini)

Neptune (Photographer Bacherini)

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