The Flood of 1966

Damaged Works of Art

This year is the fortieth anniversary of the 1966 flood. This dramatic event in the recent history of the city of Florence is portrayed in the online exhibition based on the comprehensive inventory of the photo library. Significant is that the photographs are much more than mere witnesses of the catastrophe. The photographic eye reveals unexpected perspectives of the devastation and losses. The stunned amazement and horror of the observer of the destructive forces of nature are expressed in these photographic works. The photographer Ivo Bazzechi, who took most of the photographs exhibited here, recorded his impressions during the flood. The photographs record the situation during and after the catastrophe, in which immense damage was inflicted on streets, plazas, buildings, and works of art. In particular, the
primary aim of the collection of photographs shown here is to highlight the damage and destruction inflicted on works of art, such as those in the Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce churches, or inflicted on individual works, such as the almost completely destroyed Crucifix by Cimabue. When selecting the photographs, we endeavoured to impart as diverse an image as possible of the consequences of the flood catastrophe. This process demonstrated the potential of photography, long since an indispensable tool for documentation, which requires careful inventory and the supervision of conservators. In addition to the selection made for this exhibition, you can see more photographs on the same topic in the permanent collection in the photo library.

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