The Flood of 1966

Santa Croce

The Santa Croce basilica (1295-1385), with its well-known fresco cycles, Cimabue’s Crucifix, and the tombs of famous Italian artists, is considered one of the most significant churches in Florence. Due to its proximity to the Arno River, this Franciscan church was particularly badly affected by the body of water from the flood. In the midst of the mud and refuse, the memorial to the poet Dante stood its ground.

Piazza Santa Croce and Dante Monument (Photographer Bazzechi)

Piazza Santa Croce after the flood (Photographer Bazzechi)

Row of houses to the north (Photographer Bazzechi)

The church’s façade (Photographer Bazzechi)

Interior, north entrance (Photographer Bazzechi)

Northern aisle (Photographer Bazzechi)

Interior (Photographer Bazzechi)

Southern aisle (Photographer Bazzechi)

View into the southern transept and Capella Baronelli (Photographer Bazzechi)

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