The Flood of 1966

Impressions of the City

Due to its geographical location, Florence has often been the victim of flooding. In more recent years, the 1844 flood has left a particularly lasting memory, even though the peak of the flooding remained significantly below the peak recorded on November 4, 1966. The photographs taken in these dramatic circumstances serve as silent but impressive witnesses of the history of Florence. The staggering damage to the famous Ponte Vecchio illustrates the extent of the flood catastrophe. The washed over riverbanks, the destruction of the bridges over the Arno River, rubble, refuse, and mud at the Uffizi Gallery and in the quarters of the city close to the river all document the enormous efforts of the helpers who came to the city on the Arno directly after the flood: Soldiers untiringly attempt to remove the mud from the interior of a church; Innumerable volunteers, admiringly and gratefully named the ‘Angeli del fango – angels of the mud’, help to rescue the art treasures. Florence and its works of art were saved thanks to these unflagging efforts over those days and weeks.

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