The Flood of 1966

The City Under Water

The view from the Piazzale Michelangelo over the flooded city illustrates the dramatic situation at the peak of the flood catastrophe. A sign commemorating the flood in 1844 in the Via della Mosca documents the difference to the higher water level on November 4, 1966. Numerous streets and plazas in the city centre lie under mountains of mud, refuse, and rubble, which were removed during weeks of cleanup efforts.

View on the city during the flood (Photographer Bazzechi)

Piazza dell' Unità Italiana (Photographer Bazzechi)

Lines of the water level in 1844 and 1966 (Photographer unknown)

Via del Castello d'Altafronte from Via de' Neri (Photographer Bazzechi)

Via de’Tornabuoni and Piazza Santa Trinità (Photographer Bazzechi)

Borgo Ss. Apostoli and Piazza del Limbo (Photographer Bazzechi)

S. Remigio and Via Vinegia (Photographer Bazzechi)

Via dei Rustici (Photographer Bazzechi)

Volta dei Tintori (Photographer Bazzechi)

Via Maggio (Photographer Bazzechi)

Piazza S. Giovanni and Via de’ Cerretani (Photographer Bazzechi)

Via de' Benci (Photographer Bazzechi)

Via de' Guicciardini (Photographer Bazzechi)

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