Romualdo Moscioni. Apulia Monumentale

Apulia Monumentale

Moscioni’s Apulia campaign, concluded in summer 1892, constitutes not only a first, comprehensive stocktake of the region’s cultural landscape, but also a veritable survey and visualization of the Italian South – an area often neglected in the past. The commission from the Ministry required exterior and interior views of the region’s art-historically significant buildings, as well as pictures of architectural details – such as the bronze doors in Benevento – and photographs of movable artworks. In carrying out this brief, however, the photographer’s interest in the land and its people also found its way into his work. In a view of Bitonto Cathedral, for example, Moscioni shows not only the building and the large square in front of it, but at the same time incorporates the pottery wares set out for sale in the foreground skilfully into the composition. In front of the Staufer castle in Gioia del Colle, a primitive cart can be made out in the shadows and animal pelts can be seen drying on the medieval walls, while two women are immersed in their work opposite. The view of the apse of San Sepolcro in Barletta also turns into a busy street scene that may not be solely indebted to the camera angle required. The photographs thus not only offered a visual resource facilitating the study of a region of which parts were “little explored or indeed entirely unknown” (Moscioni), but embedded what they showed in an animated and hence contemporary environment. This correspondingly heterogeneous body of material, consisting of 235 photographs, was offered for sale by Moscioni under the title Apulia Monumentale as a complete set for a price of 200 lire. It was thereby also possible to purchase the photographs singly.

R. Moscioni, Gioia del Colle, castle, 1891/92, albumen print, 40.3 × 26.8 cm, Neg. 5540, KHI Nr. 4268

R. Moscioni, Matera, cathedral, 1891/92, albumen print, 26.7 × 38.6 cm, Neg. 5555, KHI Nr. 4280

R. Moscioni, Trani, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta & San Nicola Pellegrino, 1891/92, albumen print, 39.2 × 25.9 cm, Neg. 5586, KHI Nr. 4318

R. Moscioni, Barletta, Palazzo della Marra, baroque balcony, 1891/92, albumen print, 26.1 × 38.4 cm, Neg. 5497, KHI Nr. 4211

R. Moscioni, Barletta, San Sepolcro, view of the apse, 1891/92, albumen print, 38.9 × 25.6 cm, Neg. 5495, KHI Nr. 4209

R. Moscioni, Gravina, Chiesa del Purgatorio, entrance door, 1891/92, albumen print, 40 × 26.8 cm, Neg. 5538, KHI Nr. 4277

R. Moscioni, Bitonto, Cathedral of San Valentino, 1891/92, albumen print, 26.2 × 39.1 cm, Neg. 5454, KHI Nr. 4225

R. Moscioni, Andria, Palazzo, 1891/92, albumen print, 39.3 × 26.1 cm, Neg. 5410, KHI Nr. 4159

R. Moscioni, Gravina, San Sebastiano, cloister, albumen print, 1891/92, 38.9 × 28.8 cm, Neg. 5537, KHI Nr. 4278

R. Moscioni, Molfetta, San Corrado, carvings on the choir stalls, 1891/92, albumen print, 40.0 × 25.5 cm, Neg. 5547, KHI Nr. 4288

R. Moscioni, Troia, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, bronze door of the western portal, 1891/92, albumen print, 39.3 × 25.8 cm, Neg. 5607, KHI Nr. 4338

R. Moscioni, nativity scene after Stefano da Putignano, Polignano a Mare, Chiesa Matrice, 1891/92, albumen print, 25.9 × 37.2 cm, Neg. 5574, KHI Nr. 4308

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