Romualdo Moscioni. Apulia Monumentale

Moscioni at the KHI

In 1903 the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz placed an order with Moscioni for more than 800 albumen prints, comprising pictures of artworks from all over Italy. The order was also mentioned in the Institute’s 1902/03 annual report. It included, alongside 33 small-format views of medieval Apulian architecture, 218 photographs from the large-format Apulia Monumentale series, purchased for the price of 183 lire and classified separately as convolute 59 on 31 March 1903 under the inventory numbers 4128 to 4345. This selection of prints from the Apulia Monumentale series – representing not quite the complete set of 235 – was made on the basis of Moscioni’s sales catalogues . The copy of the 1903 catalogue used for this purpose is still housed in the Photo Library today. From the pencil marks in the margin, it is possible to reconstruct the selection criteria applied. No orders were placed for pictures explicitly described as a “panorama”, for example, since these were probably considered of minor relevance for art-historical purposes. As a result of misleading titles, however, picturesque views such as that of Monte Sant’Angelo castle seen at a distance under a wintery dusting of snow – described in the catalogue simply as “Castello di Montesantangelo detto del Gigante” – found their way into the Photo Library nonetheless, while a “Panorama di Montesantangelo” was not purchased.

Pictures marked to be bought in the 1903 Moscioni catalog

Inventory book of the Photo Library by the Kunsthistorisches Institut, vol. II (1903), with the entries of Moscioni's Apulia Monumentale

R. Moscioni, Otranto, Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, capital, before 1903, albumen print, 20 × 25.1 cm, Neg. 8491, KHI Nr. 3594

R. Moscioni, Gravina, castle of Frederick II, 1891/92, albumen print, 27.9 × 39.5 cm, Neg. 5534, KHI Nr. 4279

R. Moscioni, Galatina, Santa Catarina, capital, 1891/92, albumen print, 19 × 25 cm, Neg. 8446, KHI Nr. 3498

R. Moscioni, Benevento, cathedral, bronze doors depicting scenes of the life of Christ, 1891/92, albumen print, 38.5 × 26.4 cm, Neg. 5500, KHI Nr. 4214

R. Moscioni, Monte Sant’Angelo with snow, 1891/92, albumen print, 39.3 × 27 cm, Neg. 5562, KHI Nr. 4297

R. Moscioni, Monte Sant’Angelo, panorama with castle, 1891/92, albumen print, 27.4 × 39.7 cm, Neg. 5563, KHI Nr. 4295

R. Moscioni, Lecce, Santi Niccolò e Cataldo, Decoration of the portal, 1891/92, albumen print, 25.5 × 19.4 cm, Neg. 8490, KHI Nr. 3540

R. Moscioni, Galatina, Santa Caterina di Alessandria, 1891/92, albumen print, 24.5 × 20.0 cm, Neg. 8435, KHI Nr. 3492

R. Moscioni, Bitetto, medieval Palazzo, window, albumen print, 1891/92, 39.2 × 26.2 cm, Neg. 5478, KHI Nr. 4224

R. Moscioni, Otranto, Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, before 1903, albumen print, 20 × 25.1 cm, Neg. 8491, KHI Nr. 3594

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