Encounters: Migrants * Photographers * Artists * Activists

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Online Exhibition by the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut

Concept: Costanza Caraffa, Almut Goldhahn, Anna Messner, Angelika Stepken, Eva-Maria Troelenberg

Texts: Fide Dayo, Reza Haidari, Morteza Khaleghi, Migrant Image Research Group, Rob Pinney, Massimo Ricciardo

Translations: Prolet Decheva, Almut Goldhahn, Timothy Grundy, Paolo Scotini, Julia Weiss

Coordination: Almut Goldhahn

Project assistance: Prolet Decheva

Poster: Micaela Mau

Special thanks to: Julia Biel, Thomas Kilpper, and Tiziana Serena.

Online from June 11, 2019

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