Learning to see

The child of a painter and an amateur photographer, Roberto Sigismondi was born in Rome in 1952 and was raised in a creative environment that would influence his future and profession. As a boy he was already helping his father in the darkroom, but decided to attend the university where he studied literature, communications, and history of art with the goal of becoming a journalist. In 1977, after he completed his studies, he went to work as assistant to Max Hutzel (1911-1988), whose atelier “Foto Arte Minore” specialized in depicting art and architecture in Italy’s smaller and less known towns and cities. Over the next ten years, Hutzel with his style informed by the Deutscher Werkbund, the Bauhaus and the Neue Sachlichkeit, not only taught the young Roberto how to see and tell stories in images, he involved him in his own work as a photo reporter.
During that period, Roberto began doing picture stories for ENIT (Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo – the Italian National Tourist Board). Hiking trails that he followed and photographed with Stefano Ardito for the magazine Airone took him to Salento, Monte Argentario, the Alps, into the Black Forest as well as to the Sahara Desert, Algeria, and Sri Lanka.
In his 1995 solo exhibition “La chiara visione” Sigismondi showed photographs of the Valle del Treja near Calcata, a part of Tuscia Viterbese that was inhabited by Etruscan and Falisci in Pre-Roman times. “From first light to sunset”, he said, “I went to remote places that sometimes could only be reached on foot. Their stirring beauty was magnified by the mix of nature retaking possession of the sites and traces of extraordinary artistic value left by humans centuries ago.” (Airone n. 36, April 1984).

Max Hutzel, around 1978

Paola Naccari: Roberto Sigismondi and Max Hutzel, around 1982

Marcello Sigismondi: Roberto Sigismondi, 1986

Mauro Di Michelangelo: Roberto Sigismondi, 2017

Max Hutzel: Winter landscape in Germany, early 1930s

Waterfalls of Monte Gelato, Valle del Treja (Lazio), 1994

Sahara, Grand Erg Occidental (Algeria), 1981

Val Trebbia (Liguria), double page in "Airone", no. 53, September 1985

Valle del Treja (Lazio), 1994

Canyon of Rhoufi, Aurès (Algeria), 1981

Max Hutzel: Winter landscape in Germany, early 1930s

Strada di Rio near Calcata, Valle del Treja (Lazio), 1994

Arch of Trajan, Timgad (Algeria), 1981

Waterfall at Fosso del Peccato, Valle del Treja (Lazio), 1994

La Mola di Monte Gelato, Valle del Treja (Lazio), 1994

Sri Dalada Maligawas (Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic), Kandy (Sri Lanka), 1988

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