Tesori nascosti d’Italia and Foto Arte italiana

Back in 1984 Roberto Sigismondi began taking pictures throughout Italy for a photographic campaign entitled “Tesori nascosti d’Italia”, commissioned by the publishing house SEAT. His photographs of artworks and architecture, nature and archeology decorated the regional telephone directories published by SEAT, and also appeared in books of photographs “Immagini d’arte in Italia dagli elenchi telefonici”. At the same time, he was working on commissions from international publishers of art books, national agencies for the protection of monuments or photographic firms such as Fratelli Alinari.
He also shot the first color and black-and-white photos for his archive “Foto Arte italiana”, a systematic, region-by-region photographic documentation of Italy’s small “art towns”. His subjects spanned all art forms – town-planning, architecture, sculpture, painting, and the applied arts – and also offered materials for students and scholars of art history. Sigismondi kept and numbered these series separately from his other commissions and projects.
His works have been purchased by many photographic archives including two Max-Planck institutes for the history of art in Italy, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, that make them available to a large audience via their digital portals.
Sigismondi’s photo campaign with the number 1 was shot at Campo Tures in Alto Adige in 1987. One of his most recent campaigns – dated 2019 – is number 1334 and it covers the cloister of the convent of Santa Sofia in Benevento.

Taufers Castle, Sand in Taufers (Bolzano), 1987

Castle of Sabbionara, Avio (Trento), 1989

Via dei Merli, Sorano (Grosseto), 2008

Via San Dalmazzo, Taggia (Imperia), 2014

Abbey of Viboldone, Viboldone (Milan), 1987

Palazzo del Drago, Bolsena (Viterbo), 2020

Villa Passerini, Cortona (Arezzo), 2012

Palazzo Vertemate Franchi, Piuro (Sondrio), 1988

Castel Beseno, Besenello (Trento), 1989

San Michele Arcangelo, Serravalle Pistoiese (Pistoia), 1990

Cathedral and Piazza Garibaldi, Massa Marittima (Grosseto), 2003

Santa Maria Maddalena, Gressan (Valle d'Aosta), 1985

De Aglano (Agliano), from: Codex Astensis, f. 107v, 1380/1389, Asti, Archivio Storico Comunale, 1985

Ascension of Christ, from: Gospel of queen Mike, f. 8r, 2nd half of the 9th century, Venice, Museo della Congregazione Mechitarista dei Padri Armeni, 1986

Our Lady of Montevergine, detail, Abbey of Montevergine, Mercogliano (Avellino), 2012 (during the restauration)

Andrea and Giovanni della Robbia: Cherub from the Ascension of Christ, 1495/1500, SS. Domenico e Michele Arcangelo, Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo), 2008

Cloister, Santa Sofia, Benevento, 2019

Documentation of Sigismondi's photgraphic campaign in the cloister of the church Santa Sofia, Benevent, 2019

Museo dell'Ospedale di Santa Maria del Buon Gesù, Fabriano (Ancona), 2013

Alexander the Great with princess Roxana, tapestry, end of the 16th century, Pinacoteca Civica Bruno Majoli, Fabriano (Ancona), 2013

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