The online exhibitions presented by the Photothek of the Kunsthistorisches Institute in Florence address academics as well as a wider audience. They are designed specifically for the Internet and are therefore consistent in their use of the means of virtual presentations. The exhibitions provide an insight into the fields of activity of the Photothek and into our collection, which is of historical academic significance: Historic photographic material on Florence, for example taken by Hilde Lotz-Bauer before the destructions of the Second World War; documentary photographs taken during and after the flood catastrophe in Florence in 1966; current photo campaigns, such as the large documentation set from 2006 on medieval art in Georgia; presentation of special collections in the Photothek, such as the print collection. This medium allows the Photothek to inform other experts about new photo campaigns and current research projects at the institute; it also makes the public more sensitive to the significance of photography in view of the conservation of our endangered cultural heritage.

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